Giving back to the community!

Last year my wife and I planted a 10,000 square foot garden and donated produce to several local shelters.

I delivered over 800 lbs. of tomatoes, 400 lbs. of corn, 75 head of cabbage, 200 lbs. of potatoes, buckets of green beans, cucumbers, onions, carrots, peppers and squash.

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It's time for new leadership in Clark County!

What's wrong with the Sheriff's Department?

The current Sheriff has been in office for 20 years. The department has become resistant to change. Problem solving communication is not encouraged.

All budget and policy decisions are made behind closed doors. Neither the public nor the employees have a voice.

Taxpayer money is wasted.

Clark County families are given too low of a priority.

Employee suggestions in management decisions are ignored. Morale is low.

Garry Lucas is what the Army calls a R.O.A.D. (Retired On Active Duty)

A new kind of leadership is needed!

How can Tim change and improve the Sheriff's Department?

I will be a Sheriff that empowers and encourages the public and employees of the Sheriff’s Office to be active communicators with the department for professional problem solving.

I will have an open door policy. An open door policy is no good if no one is in the office. I will be a Sheriff that is available in his office for open door discussions.

As Sheriff I will practice fiscal management.

I demand professionalism in the workplace.

My method of open communication will increase morale in the Sheriff’s department. This in turn will increase the quality of service and reestablish public trust.

My goal is for no one to be disappointed in the services rendered at the Sheriff’s Department.

In Clark County, people matter!

As you may know, campaigns are not cheap. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated. State law, PDC, requires all contributions of over $100.00 be accompanied with your name, address, and employer. Contributions of over $25.00 require your name and address. Contributions of $25.00 or less may remain anonymous.

Thank you!

Campaign contributions may be sent to:
3615 NE 102nd St. Vancouver, WA 98686

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